1. Prices and tax
The price stated for the goods excludes VAT and carriage. While purchasing online, at the checkout page, these additions are included and clearly shown before confirming the order. The shipping/delivery charges are applicable based on the location.

2. Dispatch Policy
We take every effort to ensure that all the products on our website are available. However, we cannot guarantee the availability and is subjected to change as per the availability and demand. Goods are dispatched within 3-4 working days.

3. Confidentiality
Customer details are not disclosed to any third party unless (i) you authorize us to do (ii) allow our service providers or agents to provide services (iii)to contact you whenever necessary to understand the products and its functioning (iv) subject to applicable contractual or legal restrictions (v) to comply with law enforcement, governmental mandate, or other legal requirements

4. Web Analytics Tools, Cookies
We employ cookies to ensure that when you make use of our site each time, status is saved and displays preferences based upon visits. Web analytics tools are used to understand the activities on our site that needs web session data storage.

5. Promotional Emails
We may send you promotional emails describing promotional offers when your email id is shared. If you wish not to receive information about special events, sales, and discounts, you can click on “Unsubscribe” to remove you from the marketing list.