Central Air Conditioning

Central Air Conditioning is uniquely designed to be apt for various commercial spaces ranging from smaller rooms to large open spaces. With distinct cooling features, commercial ACs offer higher capacity and efficiency.

VRF V Plus 100 % Inverter Blue Star

VRF V Plus 100 % Inverter

100% capacity at 43° C. Non-stop cooling even at 56° C.

Range of outdoor units: 7HP to 112 HP

Salient Features:

  • Highly efficient inverter compressors
  • 100% inverter advantage
  • Specially designed ODUs
  • Designed for high ambient temperature conditions
  • Wide operating range
  • High system efficiency
  • Superior accumulator design
  • Wide voltage range
  • Innovative refrigerant-cooled heat sink
  • Superior oil management system
  • Weather- proof ODU design
  • Conformal coating for PCBs
  • Computerised design for reliability
  • Large capacity and wide range of ODUs
  • Long and flexible range of piping design
  • Quiet mode
  • Demand control mode for Economy mode
  • Emergency backup operation

VRF IV S – Side Discharge VRF System

VRF IV S is an inverter compressor driven VRF system, designed with compact side discharge outdoor units. This system is very suitable for applications with limited floor space for installing Outdoor Units (ODUs) or for residential applications where aesthetics and space both matter, or where there is a slab above the ODUs.


Outdoor Units: 4HP – 12HP

Indoor Units:

  • Hi-Wall Units
  • Compact Cassettes
  • One-Way Cassettes
  • Two-Way Cassettes
  • Four-Way Cassettes
  • Floor Cum Ceiling Mounted Units
  • Verticool
  • High Static Ductable IDUs
  • Low Static Ductable IDUs
  • Slim Ductable IDUs
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation System

Salient Features:

  • Lightweight, compact, wall/floor-mounted ODU
  • Low starting current
  • Step-less capacity control
  • Low noise design
  • Wide operating temperature range: -10° C to 52° C
  • Sophisticated control system
  • Variety of indoor units
  • Efficient heating operation
  • Intelligent temperature control
VRF IV S – Side Discharge VRF System Blue Star
VRF Sprint – Pre-piped VRF System Blue Star

VRF Sprint – Pre-piped VRF System

It is suitable for various applications like residential, light commercial, offices, etc. With only one ODU catering to many indoor units, it provides superior external aesthetics as compared to multiple ODUs in case of a conventional split system.

Salient Features:

  • Quick installation – no need of piping joints
  • Compact and wall mounted type outdoor units
  • Step-less capacity control with inverter compressor
  • Low starting current
  • Easy to service even from outdoors with service PC
  • Superior aesthetics
  • Heat pump option available for heating applications
  • Wide operating temperature range: 10° C to 52° for cooling only model and -5° C to 52° C for heat pump model
  • Door key and motion sensor control
  • Flexible outdoor-indoor connectivity