Commercial Refrigeration Products

Refrigeration is needed to keep food fresh and safe. We provide a comprehensive refrigeration installation and servicing solutions to large and small companies. Our professionals work closely with clients to ensure that the equipment is installed perfectly and is environmental friendly.

UnderCounter Chillers Suppliers

UnderCounter Chillers

The Undercounter range of chillers are ideal for storage of food for a longer time. With high-quality doors and hinges, these chillers are best suited for hotels and restaurants.

Blast Freezers Suppliers

Blast Freezers

Blast freezers are used to rapidly freezes the food such as ice-creams, fish, meat, vegetables, and prepared meal. Many commercial kitchens use blast freezers.

Back Bar Chiller Suppliers

Back Bar Chiller

Back bar chillers with adjustable shelves are designed for bars, clubs, restaurants. With elegant design and hinged glass doors, chillers display a range of bottles of different shapes and sizes.

Ice Machines Suppliers

Ice Machines

As ice is blended with cocktail drinks, and also act as a life-saving drug, the sophisticated ice making machines freezer water swiftly to produce ice. They are best suited for providing cool bedding for a variety of food like fish, meat and help in transportation too.

Defreezers Suppliers


The defreezers are designed efficiently to work at the very low temperature of up to -40 degrees. The freezing frames can be removed or fixed whenever required. These are widely used for various commercial purposes.

Bottle Coolers Suppliers

Bottle Coolers

Bottle coolers with heavy duty compressors allows bottles to chill quickly. These coolers are used for commercial purposes like hotels, restaurants, pubs, etc. to cool the bottles.

Water Dispensers Suppliers

Water Dispensers

Water dispensers provides the convenience to access clean drinking water with an option of hot and cold water. It is suited for residential and commercial purposes like offices, malls, banks, hospitals, and more.

Open Deck Chillers Suppliers

Open Deck Chillers

Open deck chillers are used in supermarkets for multi-purpose storage such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meat. With appealing design and increased visibility, it helps in boosting sales.

In built RO Water Purifiers Suppliers


In built RO Water Purifiers

The inbuilt RO water purifiers are designed to ensure purity with cutting-edge technology. It offers clean drinking water for good health. This compact purifier has anti-scaling filter to prevent deposits on the RO layer.

Water Coolers Suppliers

Water Coolers

The powerful and faster cooling water coolers are designed with stainless steel body to make it highly durable. With power saving PUF insulation, these coolers are eco-friendly and worth for money.

Vertical Freezers Suppliers


Vertical Freezers

The super cooling capacity with energy efficient feature freezes the food and retains the quality of food on a longer basis. Uniform air circulation and auto defrost technology helps the freezer to work in different ambient temperatures.