Air Conditioners Dealers

To handle all your concerns, we have professionals to setup new ACs in various places like residences, convention center, hotels, resorts, and many more at cost-effective prices. We also offer customer support services round-the-clock.

Air conditioners need to be maintained efficiently to provide cleaner air, save electricity, and increase the life expectancy of equipment. In the same way, ACs must be installed with proper knowledge and training for efficient functioning.

Commercial Air Conditioners

Commercial Air Conditioners are uniquely designed to be apt for various commercial spaces ranging from smaller rooms to large open spaces. With distinct cooling features, commercial ACs offer higher capacity and efficiency.

Cassette Air Conditioners Suppliers

Cassette Air Conditioners

The Cassette Air Conditioners are designed for ceiling and cools the entire room quickly. These ACs are unique because it is ideal for small spaces and easy to maintain and well-suited for businesses and residences.

Mega Split Air Conditioners Suppliers

Mega Split Air Conditioners

The eco-friendly Split AC offers high performance cooling. The ‘I Feel’ feature helps to understand the temperature around the user and sets the temperature accordingly.

Verticool Air Conditioners Suppliers

Verticool Air Conditioners

It is best suited for large open spaces like banks, showrooms and any open-layout at offices. Due to its portability, it can be placed anywhere and requires no installation.

VRF Air Conditioners

VRF Air Conditioners

The VRF ACs are designed to offer high energy efficiency and has one outdoor unit (ODU) that enables to connect with many indoor units of different types. This is used for light commercial, residential, offices, etc.

Ductable Split Air Conditioners

Ductable Split Air Conditioners

The robust-built of ductable split ACs work efficiently in very high temperatures. The design of this equipment makes it to be compatible with every location and is service-friendly too.

Chillers Air Conditioners

Chillers Air Conditioners

The Chiller ACs are designed to be highly efficient and reliable as it is used mainly by hospitals, IT campuses, star hotels, etc. The chiller ACs are tailor-made to suit the requirements of every industry.

Vertical Chillers Suppliers

Vertical Chillers

These chillers with upright cabinet provides easy access and storage of food. With appropriate temperature control panel, food is fresh and preserved for longer duration.

Residential Air Conditioners

Today’s technology is changing the way ACs work. New micro dust filters are installed in the latest ACs to provide clean air to breathe and to be free from dust and allergens. With quiet and reliable techniques, residential ACs are available in a wide range of designs to meet the requirements of your home.

Inverter Split Air Conditioners Suppliers

Inverter Split Air Conditioners

The next generation inverter split ACs with precision cooling technology uses microprocessor-based control system to ensure that split AC achieves precise cooling. It operates at a reduce noise and delivers increased efficiency.

Multi Inverter Air Conditioners Suppliers

Multi Inverter Air Conditioners

It is suitable for two bedrooms and a living room that helps to maintain convenient indoor conditions in all the rooms. It is ideal for big row houses, large villas, and multi-room applications.

Precision Inverter Air Conditioners Suppliers

Precision Inverter Air Conditioners

The P-series air conditioners are built to with Hot & Cool technology and has the ability to withstand change in climatic condition. The Hot & Cool features lets you stay comfortable throughout the year.

Smart Inverter Air Conditioners Suppliers

Smart Inverter Air Conditioners

Smart Inverter ACs are fully packed with a range of features like Wifi, Blow clean, Hidden Display, iFeel, and 7 advanced filters. It is one of the ACs that uses highly advanced technology and smart applications.